Due to moving the node around the following config does not work anymore. I'll bring Tor nodes back to life when I have time The Gridcoin.Network currently runs two nodes. One is the public node I use to resolve your Gridcoin.Network queries (lorlea). You can connect to this public node using addnode=node.gridcoin.network in you config file. Aerona, as well as the other node are hidden services on the Tor network. This ensures full privacy and security when connecting to a node, for you and me. Gridcoin data is synced without possible tampering by exit nodes etc. If you want to connect to them, don't forget to set Tor as your proxy in the network settings of the gridcoin client. The hidden addresses of the Tor nodes are: grcnode7ygii7mvmusy7p37w3bte7lacpayuwm4yzwjoxp2z656rouad.onion (lorlea) grcnodeupl5cpawijrrynmejiyf76d4lr5rimcbdqfjsvfyan3r4uryd.onion If you want your gridcoin client to connect to them, simply add them to your config file: addnode=grcnode7ygii7mvmusy7p37w3bte7lacpayuwm4yzwjoxp2z656rouad.onion # Gridcoin.Network node Lorlea addnode=grcnodeupl5cpawijrrynmejiyf76d4lr5rimcbdqfjsvfyan3r4uryd.onion # Gridcoin.Network hidden node Any questions and/or remarks can be sent to the following mail address: cyllos@gridcoin.network.

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