The Gridcoin.Network can be queried and will return a JSON object. Base url: https://node.gridcoin.network/API All queries should be sent over HTTPS because my server won't allow you to use HTTP. Possible queries: Return latest block data: https://node.gridcoin.network/API Return block data by height: https://node.gridcoin.network/API?q=blockbyheight&height=[BLOCK HEIGHT] Return block data by hash: https://node.gridcoin.network/API?q=blockbyhash&hash=[BLOCK HASH] Return tx data by hash: https://node.gridcoin.network/API?q=tx&hash=[TX HASH] Return CPID data by CPID: https://node.gridcoin.network/API?q=cpid&cpid=[CPID] Example: curl https://node.gridcoin.network/API Currently there is no limit on the amount of queries you can perform. Please keep the amount to a minimum so the node can keep up. Any questions and/or remarks can be sent to the following mail address: cyllos@gridcoin.network.

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