Gridcoin.Network is an independent Gridcoin block explorer, developed and hosted by me, cyllos. I processed a total of 0 queries since January 2018. You can connect to my node by adding addnode=node.gridcoin.network to your conf file.
I value the privacy of my visitors very much, so no personal data is collected. Only self-hosted backends are used. The jQuery plugin and the fonts are hosted by myself so you don't get tracked by Brother Google. The site is maintained by me, cyllos. Any questions and/or remarks can be sent to the following mail address: me@cyllos.dev.
To keep this site running, please consider donating. I do NOT serve ads. I have no funds to keep this site online, excluding donations. All donations go straight to the site, to keep the node running and to keep the site online. You can donate using paypal: me@cyllos.dev. You can donate on the following Gridcoin address: S5MMdwft1En4b3yhFsDrEkgRfXwxTpkuAw Thank you. Logo courtesy of Gridcoin, © Gridcoin.Network by cyllos.

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